A standoff on the Burgoyne Bridge met a thrilling crescendo.
Swat teams stood unable to take the shot. Police Cars had responded
to reports of a swerving automobile. The driver emerged strapped
with dynamite holding an infant hostage.

Before Authorities had fully contained the bridge, a checker
cab 2 cars back opened its boot and according to reports
‘a brown bolt of fur with a white streak leapt out.’

The child was found subsequently in a life Preserver afloat
in the Burgoyne. The Mad Bomber and this Miracle Dog have
not been seen, since the bomber was tackled by the Dog,
and the trio plunged over the railing, disappearing into the
Burgoyne’s fast moving current.

The Driver of the cab was found and questioned, and
is not under investigation, as the trunk appears to show signs of tampering.


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